Seroquel is an ongoing investigation my own experiences, both actual and illusionary. By visually depicting psychosis, the juxtaposing qualities of mental illness as a subject of both investigation and avoidance are considered, as well as how the feminization of neurosis is sensationalized.

There is an intrigue that popular culture has with the “psychotic woman,” evidenced in literature, film, and music. These depictions often show one side of the individual: hysteric, violent, and uncontrollable. In addressing an illness so often depicted fictitiously in an autobiographical context, Seroquel investigates the merit of these stereotypes, as well as the consequence of them when compared to the reality of living with a mental illness.

In creating this series, the intention is not to contribute to the sensationalized representation of mental illness, but rather to create a dialogue regarding the difficulty of separating one’s self from it.