Mary Ellen Oxby (b. 1990) is an emerging photo-based artist born in Vermont and raised everywhere else in North America. In 2013 she received her BFA in Photography at NSCAD University and currently resides in Whitehorse, Yukon. Much to her roommate’s dismay, her subject matter is often dark, corporeal, and inhabits their freezer so as to not decay. Inspired by the portrayal of mental illness in horror films and the medicalization of difference, her work explores and dissects the stereotypes that reinforce the “psychotic woman” in contemporary society. Consequently, she has a distinct focus on the subtleties of how we respond to mental illness through use of atmosphere: exploring the “other” with and without the body. Her tools, the view camera and medium format camera, allow for a clinical precision in her photographs as evidenced by her penchant for symmetry and tilt shift effects. In 2012 she received the Canon Photography Award.